Inventory Our clerk will proceed through the property, compiling a detailed audio inventory whilst recording each room on HD quality video. This content is then emailed to our back room staff who will write down an exact record of what the clerk has said and marry it up with the accompanying video. This is done using our bespoke inventory software. The finalised report consists of a highly detailed written inventory reinforced with professional quality video footage. Our reports are very easy to follow whether you are a tenant, landlord, letting agent or tribunal. Each report provides sufficient evidence to avoid or resolve a dispute.

Check-in If required we can compile the inventory followed by the check-in of the new tenant.

e-signed Inventory

Our digital signature service makes it easy for all parties to review, amend and sign legally binding documents, without the sometimes difficult logistics of all parties being in the same building at the same time. Crucially our e-signed inventory fully complies with regulations established by the Electronic Communication Act 2000 giving it the same legality as a hand signed document.

Mid-Term Inspections

A mid-term inspection is a good way to evaluate the general condition of a property and hopefully nip in the bud any signs of serious neglect /damage to carpets furnishings, gardens etc. This inspection would also flag up tenants who are subletting without authorization, or who keep pets without permission, or perhaps are smoking in a non-smoking property.

Check Out Report

The property will be inspected as thoroughly upon check out as it was up on check in. This allows us to make a detailed and accurate comparison between the original condition of the property and the check out condition with discrepancies recorded on HD video (allowing, as the law does, for Fair Wear & Tear which will be taken into consideration when the check out report is completed).